Hi, I'm Nicole,

Web Designer & Developer

I used to call myself a "designer turned developer", but I'm actually both. My designer-self and my developer-self have both been fueled by my curiousity to learn how things are made. I enjoy the sense of satisfaction that comes from creating something new. I started building websites when I needed a design portfolio. Every couple of years I would update it and learn more HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I was hooked.

Eventually I decided to focus my attention on programming. After studying & traveling for five months and attending the Recurse Center in NYC, I landed my first software engineering job working on APIs at Mapbox. There I gained experience programming professionally, managing global resources on AWS, being on-call for services and responding to incidents, as well as onboarding teammates to new technology.

In the last several years I have done more web design work and these days I'm most interested in front-end development. Recently I have been working with React and exploring frontend tools like Gatsby, which I used to build this site. I find the cycle of frontend tooling to be really interesting.